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Beauty in the Details: Meet Artist Corinne Mitchell

It took some arm twisting but I finally got one of my best artist friends, Corinne Mitchell, to join me for a "cocktails" interview. I've known her for four years and she has become a true asset for bouncing ideas around, a companion for doing all the artsy things and a confidant for talking through life in general. Since we are both trying to watch our calories, Corinne made us mocktails using Sunwink Hibiscus Mint Unwind (only 35 calories!) with a few additional ingredients: lots of lime, mint leaves and a little squeeze of honey. It's definitely a nice alternative for those looking for something fun to drink.

We sat down in her studio and started our conversation off with the funny story of how we met and a little bit of her background. Before she started painting, Corinne worked as a speech pathologist who specialized in working with elderly patients. Many years ago, one of her patients had a very unique encounter. Every time I've heard her tell this story I get chills, and I think you will too! Evidence of that experience still impacts her artwork today and she explains how it shows up in the details of her paintings.

Even though I've known Corrine for several years I had never been in her studio. She showed me how she organizes some of her favorite mediums and special tools from her father. He was a landscape architect who unfortunately passed away last year and so using his tools in her art is the sweet way she remembers him. She also shared a recent discovery - Natural Earth Paints that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. And, don't miss her tributes to Bob Ross she has sprinkled throughout the space.

One of the things that I admire about Corinne is that she is intentional with setting goals - and step, by step she achieves them. Last year she started pursuing her latest endeavor - painting live at weddings. I was so excited for her when she painted at her first wedding in December. She shares a bit about that experience and how it's lead to more exciting opportunities.

You will love getting to know Corinne - a beautiful person inside and out. Watch our full conversation here. Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@artbycorinnemitchell) or visit her website to learn more.

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