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International Art and Found Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

March 12, 2021 was the inaugural International Art and Found Day, a day when artists around the globe spread joy in their communities by leaving free pieces of art for people to find. I was so excited to discover this cool initiative that I immediately signed up! I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences in my 10 year art career. One of my paintings was found by the absolute perfect person - I get chills every time I tell the story. I even wrote a short post about it on my main website (it's worth the read!)

With this year's Art and Found Day right around the corner, I've been on a mission to tell as many artists about it as possible. My heart was so full from the experience and I desperately want others to have this same feeling! That's why I was thrilled to speak with the lady who started it all, founder Courtney Senior, on a recent episode of "When Artists Drink Cocktails." With her negroni in hand, Courtney shared about her background, why she took her local initiative international and how artists can get involved.

Grab your favorite cocktail and watch our episode here. Courtney was so nice and I know you'll enjoy meeting her and learning about International Art & Found Day.

Want to join the 800 artists already participating in International Art and Found Day? Visit the offical website, register and get your questions answered. Be sure to share your adventures on March 12th using #artandfoundday on your posts.

And be sure to check out Courtney's gorgeous abstract paintings. You can find them on her website and follow along with her on Instagram.

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