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Glamour and Art Collide: Meet Artist Kristin Cooney

I've admired the work of Kristin Cooney for quite some time so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to feature her on "Artists Drink Cocktails." This lady can do it all - she not only creates beautiful paintings, but she's also a dentist and a mother of triplets. Oh, and she can make a mean loaf of zucchini bread (I ate every bite). Talk about an unlimited supply of talent! We kicked our morning interview off by toasting with mimosas - this cocktail with cold bubbly and fresh orange juice is always a classic.

Kristin first shared a bit about her background and then took me to her dreamy, upstairs studio. She has a gorgeous extra bedroom that she transformed into her work area - from the fireplace to the dazzling chandelier, it fits her style perfectly. Kristin also showed me her painting station and her "color stories." Her color stories are essentially a palette of her favorite color combos and she records the recipe she used to make them. I thought it was genius! She even uses this approach to help map out palettes for commissions so that her clients can better understand how the completed painting will look.

My favorite Kristin Cooney paintings are her "Glamourous Ladies" and "Bathing Beauties." These are the ladies who look so stylish and sophisticated yet make it look so effortless. You know, the ones that secretly make you a little jealous? Well, she portrays them perfectly on canvas. She shared that those paintings are often inspired by vintage magazines as well as her stylish grandmothers. My favorite part is that she always includes a clever backstory for each of the ladies - you'll have to watch to find out how she comes up with them.

Another takeaway is that Kristin has made fine art prints a big priority over the past year. These prints come in a variety of sizes and substrates - from paper to stretched canvas (and even hand-embellished pieces for those who love a unique touch). They offer affordable options for collectors who may have missed out on the original. She even shares advice for other artists who are interested in offering their own prints. And for those who love a fun "easter egg," you can see the artwork from Kristin's incredibly talented daughter in the background while she's talking about her prints (starting around the 8-minute mark.) Her daughter has her own corner in the studio - it's obvious that the artistic gifts are abundant in the Cooney family!

You don't want to miss this fun and informative interview with Kristin Cooney - watch our full conversation here. We had a fabulous time and I know you will too. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website to see more of her work.

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