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Increasing Instagram Engagement for Artists

Is the Instagram algorythim always changing? Yep. And does it frustrate you when you spend time posting about your artwork and you only hear crickets? Yep. Since Instagram is a social network, the one constant it cares about, no matter how many times the algorythim changes, is engagement. When engagement is high on the platform (meaning someone interacts with your post by liking, commenting, etc.) the more likely it will share your post with more people (ahem, that's more potential art collectors). So what can you do to create more of it?

In this episode I sat down with Instagram Strategist Jamie Dickson where she shared a few tips and tricks we can implement to create more engagement and get more eyes on our art.

First and foremost, engagement stirs more engagement because it signals to Instagram that there is a relationship between the accounts. With that in mind, here are a few brief tips:

  • Engage on the app just as much as you create content on the account. This is how you start to form those important relationships.

  • Engage around the time that you plan to post. Scroll with intention and leave meaningful comments. Don't be afraid to reach out to new people.

  • Engage with the recent posts using hashtags your audience follows. She said it's far more important to do this and than spend time researching hashtags to use on your own posts.

  • Think about your call to action (CTA) which is usually the last line of your post. This is your chance to tell people to take a specific action (and generate more engagement). A few examples could be, "Tell me your favorite color in comments below." or "Go to my IG story and vote on your favorite painting."

Watch our conversation for full explanations on these points above.

Jamie also talked about her "Instagram Power Hours." These are sessions where she helps you plan out an entire month's worth of posts based on your specific goals. I actually had a few Power Hours with her last year and she had some fantastic ideas for me. No more struggling with "What do I post about?"

Finally, be sure to give Jamie a follow on IG where she shares lots of little nuggets of helpful advice.

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