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Reality Check: Meet Portrait Artist Leticia Bernadac

To see one of Leticia Bernadac's paintings in person, you would think you're looking at a photograph. I first discovered her work at several Alpharetta Art Guild shows and was mesmerized by the extremely detailed paintings. I was excited to meet up at her home studio, where we drank margaritas and discussed all things art.

Growing up in Mexico, art had always been a part of Leticia's life. However, as with a lot of budding artists, she decided to take the business route. She moved to Finland where she went to college, met her husband and lived all around the globe, including Japan, Malaysia, Chile and Indonesia to name a few. After her daughter was born, they settled down in Atlanta. Her strong desire to paint portraits of her daughter propelled her back down the artistic path. From there, she began taking classes and even moved back to Finland where she earned her art degree from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Leticia gave me a tour of the studio and showed me the set-up for both her personal projects and for teaching students. I even got a glimpse at pieces from a very ambitious series in the works all about bullfighting. Once complete, the series will include 15 paintings, sculptors and a book. Yes, this lady can do it all! I was especially intrigued by her sculpting work since I know very little about this area. She walked me through the process and shared how painting and sculpting go hand-in-hand. Finally, she gave me a demo to show how she paints in layers to achieve those mind-blowing realistic details.

I know you will love learning about this fascinating lady and her process. Watch our full conversation here. You can also follow Leticia on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website for more info.

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