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The Business of Art: Meet the Ladies of Muse & Co Art Gallery

As an artist, I've always wondered what it's like to own an art gallery. Surrounding yourself with beauty every day, working with talented artists and helping collectors find the perfect painting seems like a dream job. That's why I jumped at the chance to meet with Donna McDonald and Judy Goldberg who own Muse & Co. in Marietta, Georgia. These ladies have been in the gallery business for quite some time and have a true appreciation for all of the artists that they represent. But before we got down to discussing the business of art they crafted a custom cocktail for the occasion: "The Muse." This delicious libation consists of pomegranate juice, St-Germain, and Prosecco.

Donna explained that she first got into the gallery business in the mid-2000s when her husband Tim, an artist who participated in juried shows across the US, decided to open a location in Roswell, Georgia. Weathering the Great Recession and a global pandemic, the business evolved over time, eventually bringing on Judy as a co-owner and a new location just off Marietta Square. You'll love learning more about their history, friendship and what things were like in the early days. They also discuss what they look for when choosing artists to represent and creating a non-intimidating environment for discovering art.

One of the treats of doing an interview with a gallery is discovering new artists. Judy and Donna highlighted just a few of the talented individuals they represent like Lauren Miller, Donna Hughes, and April Riley. I also got to meet Mary Beth Cornelius who is known for her large-scale abstract work. I loved her philosophy on taking risks with her paintings...and what she feels is the biggest insult to her work. Personally, it was a major "lightbulb" moment for me.

Finally, I spoke with the Muse ladies about collecting art and choosing the right piece for your home. They felt that it's very important to see the artwork in person if at all possible. The main reason they offer in-home consultations is so that a collector can see the artwork in the actual setting. It's quite eye-opening to experience how different art pieces can completely change the energy of a room.

I truly enjoyed spending time with Judy, Donna and Mary Beth - catch our full conversation here. Be sure to visit their website to see all of their artists or find a piece perfect for your space. You can also keep up with their latest news and events by following them on Instagram or FaceBook.

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